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Published: 10th May 2011
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The mother of a 3 year old in Colombo had just thought life was a piece of chocolate when she joined the Grievances Department at the Srilankan embassy. She had finished paying the child’s monthly fee at a playschool close to her house and knew that her next task was to put her daughter into a good school for class 1 in the academic semester which would start the next month. Little did she know that she would soon have to cross Territorial waters and enter into India to address grievances of the Tamil people leaving the country. It was a special assignment on hand and she had now got orders to take up a 3 yr assignment in Chennai. It was one thing to relocate to Tamilnadu but quite another to search for a school for her daughter.

If she didn’t put her child into class 1 this year, in all probability she might not be able to get her child into a school the next year either. She decided to ask her superior for help in terms of a recommendation letter. In all her desperation, she also posted a blog on the Internet expressing her frantic need for information. Several Parents in India responded back with a negative answer saying:"Stay where you are, the admissions in India are over for the year". Some parents landed up politicizing the entire scenario telling her that the Tamils could do without her help and to stay out of Tamilnadu". She sighed at the thoughts of the people. They had turned a parents request into something that could even stir up the nation.

Her motherly instinct feared her child would neither be in India, nor in Colombo and the worry of it all, was weighing her down. Her superior, tried calling up a contact in the Chennai, but the response brought in more fear. "The admissions are over, sir. Infact the new session has also begun." Her personal secretary, who was also a friend frantically typed into Google" schools with admissions on India" .The search results had everything from schools in India to Indian schools but it seemed as though she wasn’t getting very far. She suddenly scrolled down and found the summary of A site where schools across India could be viewed in terms of its profile and forms accessed and submitted online. She got up in all her excitement after bookmarking the page. That’s what her friend wanted.

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