The Ardee Montessori School Sujan Singh Park Delhi

Published: 08th June 2011
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The Ardee School is situated in the posh location of Sujan Singh Park Delhi and overlooks a long strip of lush green grass gives the entire school a refreshing look. The school designed by a team of global architects sprawls across a 10 acre campus with two adjacent sites representing the primary and senior schools respectively. The vast areas of physical space at ‘The Ardee School’ are synonymous with the psychic- pedagogy of the child aimed at fostering a child-centered environment. The Indoor and outdoor learning landscapes are designed to give the child a three dimensional and unique kaleidoscopic learning experience.

The aim behind such architecture is so that the child perceives the world through spatial dimensions, shapes and textures. The entire campus is so innovatively designed with "hands-on" elements that it fascinates an adult just as it would fascinate a child. Like for instance, there’s a window grill to practice pre-writing skills, ceiling fans with colored wheel, angles marked on door stoppers, telescopes installed across the campus and a place where the shadows of a flag pole that act as a sun dial. Infact everywhere you turn, there is something that the school teaches you. Ardee is so modernized in its outlook that it reflects in its infrastructure and teaching methodology.

There are spacious and temperature controlled classrooms and all the furniture especially in the nursery school campus is light, child friendly and placed in line with the height of a child. The teacher to child ratio is restricted to 1:14 and apart from the caretaker there is a teacher present in each class at all times. There are Learning pavilions that include Montessori labs that focus on developing the sensory, motor and cognitive aspects in a child’s development. The Atrium conserves energy by putting natural light to use optimally and offers a smooth transition between the comparatively dark indoors and the bright outdoor light which is so vital, because so many times, people tend to a miss a step.

Then there is the amphitheatre where the school holds its functions, the Learning Resource Center and a Library stacked with a variety of reference books, CD’s and DCD’s which the child can borrow any time with the help of the library card. The Swimming Pool is a hot favourite in the summers when the children splash the cool blue waters of the pool. There is also a fully Equipped Staff canteen, also called the Food centre serves hot, hygienically prepared food that meets global safety standards. The gender specific washrooms contain child friendly -wash basins and easy to clean plastic seats. The motto at Ardee is ‘Be the Change’and with such a conducive learning environment, it’s but natural for everyone at Ardee to change for the better.

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