Spring Meadows Public School In Uttam Nagar Delhi

Published: 20th May 2011
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Mala’s parents were both doctors. With mischievous two and a half year old Mala at home, the parents felt it was time for her to attend a nursery because no more did she relish the company of her parents. Infact she wanted to be with children her age and whenever she got a chance would run out and sit with Shyla her childhood friend who would then take out all her expensive toys out of the closet and spread them out across the floor. The two girls would giggle for hours together over cartoon programs on TV and enjoyed the popcorns Mrs. Vohra, Shyla’s mother made in her pressure cooker.

Mala’s parents decided they would put Mala in the same nursery as Shyla. Spring Meadows Public School in Uttam Nagar, was one of the most prestigious schools in West Delhi. Mala’s parents felt that the pre-school was also situated in a very accessible part of Dwarka Modh Metro Station on the Nazafgarh Road. It was worth putting her in the same school because, if she joined the nursery, then the parents wouldn’t have to worry about shifting her for the next 12 years. The class rooms at Spring Meadows were well ventilated and spacious, with 35-38 students occupying a classroom.

The school consisted of a newly added Maths lab, apart from the Biology, physics, chemistry and computer laboratories used by children from class 2 upwards. The school also consisted of a well furnished library. The teachers used some of the most sophisticated teaching techniques. Affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, Spring Meadows Public School was a co-educational school and offered - Science and Commerce as main subjects for students to opt from in class XII. Happy with the way Shyla was developing at school, a distant cousin of hers in class 8 also wanted to join the same Public School, but unfortunately, the school didn’t have boarding facilities. Spring Meadows was an English medium school where Hindi was taught as the second language.

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