Little Fairy Public School in Kingsway Camp Delhi

Published: 24th May 2011
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In pre-independent India, the newly-appointed officials of the British Raj were posted at Kingsway Camp. The route that the kings took often passed through the camp of the British officers and it eventually came to be known as "Kingsway Camp", meaning the "Way Of the King". After India’s independence in December 1970 Kingsway Camp was officially renamed as Guru Tegh Bahadur Nagar. Today, Kingsway camp is famous for yet another little wonder: Little fairy public school. A magical wand that quickly transforms these kids into mature and responsible grown- ups over a span of twelve years. Managed by the Mohan Memorial Educational Society, the school had its humble beginnings at Azadpur, in the year 1983. Today, Little Fairy Public School ranks among the leading schools in Delhi.

The infrastructure of the school complex is a recent construction sprawled over 2.15 acres of land allotted to the Delhi Development Authority at Hudson Line, Guru Tegh Bahadur Nagar,(Kingsway camp) Delhi. Located in one of the most happening places, close to Delhi University, the school has an academic block comprising of some spacious and well equipped class rooms and an administrative block consisting of a sophisticated reception lounge. The school consists of a team of sincere and experienced teachers that have been loyal to the school over the years and are committed to developing an all round personality in their students because they have understood that education is a delicate process and needs a careful handling.

The school actually practices its motto"Knowledge is supreme" and ensures the children are exposed to extra information related to their curriculum on a global level. Children are trained in developing the right scientific temper so that they enter a bright future with confidence. The school academic block consists of well equipped science laboratories in physics, chemistry and Biology apart from the Computer Laboratory with a huge software Library. The school also consists of a rich Library with a number of books on various subjects to inculcate reading habit among the students. The school owns a fleet of buses that caters to students from various parts of the city. Students availing this facility would be required to pay a transport fee along with a tuition fee.

The school also provides a doctor on campus facility. The students undergo a medical check-up conducted by a qualified doctor and incase of an emergency Little Fairy Public school ensures that swift medical aid is provided. The school lays equal emphasis on co- and extracurricular activities such as : Dance , Music, Debates, Declamation, Poetic Recitation, Drawing and Quiz Contest to bring out the hidden talent in the children and celebrates it cultural week. At the end of the day the school still sparkles waiting for them to come back the next day.

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