Lakshanika International School Gandipet Road, Hyderabad

Published: 25th March 2011
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Lakshanika International School is one of the best schools of Hyderabad. Here every student enjoys the respect, integrity and individuality. Here the atmosphere is stress free and congenial. The school also works on the development of the intellectual, physical, emotional, psychological, social and spiritual aspects of the child. The students get a warm family atmosphere over here. The school is located in a peaceful locality that is surrounded with leafy grounds that overlook the Taramati Baradari. It is a heritage and tourism spot. The school has a large play ground, tennis court, basket ball court, volleyball court, Indoor games hall, tiny tots sandpit play area and also a Swimming pool. The school has beautiful path ways that are surrounded by beautiful landscapes. The school building has 5 floors and has colorful classrooms and labs. There are seminar halls and beautiful corridors.
Lakshanika International School embraces the concept of true education. Here you get to explore the new learning frame for the 21st century. The school also believes in cross-cultural connections in expanding the connection between technology, school and parents. The school teaches its students values like ethics, truthfulness, human relations and other fundamentals.
The mission of the school is to impart quality education and develop in-depth domain knowledge. The school aims at training its students to develop leadership skills and other contemporary personality traits. The school also provides state-of-the-art infrastructure. These facilities are provided to encourage student learning. The students get to be a part of regular interactive sessions in the campus. Also famous personalities of the community conduct community workshops and seminars for active participation of students. Also Lakshanika International School creates a conducive atmosphere for learning. The school also believes in rational thinking, appreciation and deep understanding of concepts.
The school also provides a stress-free environment. Here the child enjoys every moment of schooling. The school provides a wide range of opportunities for vibrant learning. The school focuses on values like creative thinking, leadership, leading to understand, integrity, moral, ethical values and courage compassion, diversity and positive sense of self.
Here every student learns values like respect, integrity and individuality in a stress free and congenial environment. The school focuses on intellectual, physical, emotional, psychological, social and spiritual aspects.
The school focuses on friendly and affectionate teacher student relationships. The school believes in inculcating good value systems among its students which include good morale, ethics, qualities and character building. The students learn the qualities like self-confidence and dynamism. The students also learn skills like inter-personal skills, memory augmentation, yoga and relaxing techniques, personality development and group discussions.

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