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Published: 26th July 2011
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Madurai formerly known as Madura is one of the capital cityís of ancient Southern oldest cities in the Indian peninsula which has been inhabited continuously. An ancient and prestigious city situated on the banks of the River Vaigai in Tamil Nadu, the city is popularly known as the Temple City apart from its several other nicknames such as: the City of four junctions, The City of Jasmine, The Sleepless city, The Athens of the East and The City of Festivals. Madurai was the civilization. Madurai's cultural heritage dates back 2,500 years and the city has been an important commercial center and has conducted trade as far as Rome and Greece since as early as 550 BCE.

Madurai has always been an important center for education in this part of Tamilnadu apart from also being the third largest city in Tamil Nadu after Chennai and Coimbatore. Its literacy rate and human development index is well above the state average. Madurai is also famous for having pioneered the concept of Distance education throughout India with the establishment of Indiaís first distance education university- Madurai Kamaraj University. There are 78 English Medium schools out of which 37 are matriculation schools where English is followed as the primarily language of Instruction and 41 are state board schools where Tamil is followed as the Medium of Instruction.

The Private schools are run either by Christian missionaries or Hindu Trusts. Chain schools like the Kendriya Vidyalaya in Madurai provide hindi-medium education apart from being fundamentally English medium schools run by Trusts and follow the CBSE syllabus. Most of the private schools have auditoriums, well ventilated classrooms and laboratories for the sciences as well as for math. These laboratories are well equipped with some of the most modern facilities. These schools have a library facility wherein the children are provided with a number of expensive books which not very many students can afford. The Mid day meal is a popular attraction for a number of students in the State run schools drawing a number of students.

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