Best Nursery Schools for Kids in Kolkata and Mumbai

Published: 11th March 2011
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There has been a steady increase in the number of play schools in Mumbai. A lot of attention is being given to the setting up of schools in Kolkata and Mumbai. There are many popular preschools for children in Mumbai. Some of the popular preschools are Humming Birds Playgroup Nursery and Day Care Centre, Cute Kidz, Aseema, Harmony Montessori, Blossom Playgroup and Nursery, Buttercups Nursery and playgroup, Child Kare, The Tree House, Green Field Nursery and Kindergarten School, Jolly Dwarfs Playschool and Nursery, Besant Montessari School, Sunshine Preschool and Anandi My Play School.
Joint families are giving way to nuclear families, where both parents are working. Play schools work as a boon to working parents. Parents are eager to send their children to schools as soon as they turn two.
Pre Nursery Schools are not only safe for your children but toddlers also learn faster to interact with children of their age. Pre Schools in India are also witnessing a boom as International Preschool chains are choosing various cities in India to set up their operations. These pre schools follow certain concepts and have trained teachers that ensure that your child is in safe hands.
The schools in Kolkata have huge infrastructure facilities. The schools provide high standards of education and a balanced curriculum with extracurricular activities and sports.
Some of the good pre schools of Kolkata are Kidzee Sanskar Kolkata, Kankurgachi, Eurokids International Limited, New Age Knowledge Solutions Pvt limited, Sparkling Daffodils, Svarna School and Sister Nivedita Shishu Bhawan.
While choosing a nursery school for your child, make sure that the teacher-child ratio is balanced. Teachers are able to give more attention to the students, when there are few children in the class. Make sure the teachers interact with your children in a friendly way. A caring and encouraging teacher always helps a child.
Kolkata and Mumbai are one of the most well-established metropolitan cities of India. Also, there are many well-established pre-nursery schools in Kolkata and Mumbai, where children get the right kind of education and training for getting admission in bigger schools. The best schools in Mumbai and the best schools in Kolkata will meet the need of the children. The best facilities are offered here that make your child well-established and groomed.

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